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Best of The Big Three: Dropbox vs Google Drive vs Onedrive

Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive are the most popular cloud storage providers today. Picking between them to determine which one is the best cloud storage provider is no easy task. Each has strengths and weaknesses that don’t always overlap.

Though we side with OneDrive, with multiple caveats, new readers of might be surprised to learn that none of the three finish atop our cloud storage comparison rankings. The main reason for that is a flaw they all share: security.

We much prefer cloud providers that offer private, end-to-end encryption, such as those in our review of the best zero-knowledge cloud services.

That said, we don’t deny that there are benefits to using DropboxGoogle Drive and OneDrive over the bulk of cloud storage providers, with most relating to productivity. As much as we laud as a provider for its impregnable security, that security means image previews, media streaming and document editing are out of play.

The question of which of the three kings of cloud storage reigns supreme is an important one. It’s PC or Mac, Beatles or Rolling Stones and boxers or briefs important. When in doubt about whether one software-as-a-service provider is better than another, here at, we prefer a tried-and-true method of picking a winner: trial by combat.

Send the children to bed, because this three-way gladiatorial match is your front-row seat to a display of virtual carnage that will put the war for net neutrality to shame, and will help you decide whether Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive is best for your file-hosting needs.

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