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Dropbox Business Review

Dropbox Business is a Document Management System that has made waves in both the personal and business file sharing space. As one of the biggest file sharing platforms in the world, Dropbox covers a range of standard DMS features familiar to those with accounts for personal use

Dropbox defines 5 primary uses for the Business version. Here, we have those uses listed along with their core features:

Control – Give access privileges to selected users for sharing information securely. Dropbox allows individual users to separate personal documents from business documents, establishing a controllable space to organize files. Admin tools also allow clients to remote wipe data from devices, transfer user privileges when needed, track user activity such as sign-ins and edits, and insert a two-step verification for added security.

Collaborate – Dropbox makes it easier to get work done with features that streamline workflows, make users’ content easy to find and enable collaboration across multiple file types. Recently added products and features include:

  • Dropbox Paper – a collaborative workspace that helps you work in real-time with your team.
  • Extensions – Initiate workflows directly within Dropbox across popular content types (including DWG, PDF, Word, image, and multimedia files) and partner applications like Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign, and Vimeo.
  • Automatic Image Text Recognition – Search for text in images and PDF using optical character recognition, powered by machine learning.
  • Time-Based Comments – Adds time stamps to comments so others can jump to the exact second referred to.

Share – All it takes to share a document is a link. When it’s time to pass information and move forward with a project, Dropbox quickly connects team members and clients. One-click commands allow users to quickly send documents and folders.

Backup – Dropbox utilizes advanced sync technology, including delta, LAN and streaming sync, to ensure content stored in Dropbox is always up to date, and recovering lost information is fast and simple. Dropbox Business provides users with unlimited version history and up to 120 days of file recovery.

Mobile – Available through Windows, Droid, iOS, and Linux, Dropbox covers the bases with mobile accessibility. Today, more than 75% of Dropbox Business teams link to leading partner applications, including Slack, Canva, and Vimeo. Member data reports, individual account conversion, and directory restrictions are additional security features introduced to simplify data security for Dropbox Business teams.

There are many benefits companies should consider when it comes to Dropbox Business, the price being only one one of them. After all, we are discussing a product that has a reputation to maintain at stake, and where no serious drawbacks are allowed. Another important consideration is that the file sharing market is a highly competitive one, and it is vitally important for the system to be unique in order to make an impact.

Dropbox Business benefits

First and foremost, that’s the ample storage space. Dropbox is the first thing that comes to everyone’s minds for increasing quota at no added costs, and that’s exactly everybody can afford to transfer files with this program. Besides, storage is not the only unlimited metric here: Dropbox gives you access to unlimited file recovery, making you rely on your data’s accessibility even months after you deleted it.

What is also worth of mentioning is the unlimited file version history, where even most complex file versions can be restored with few clicks, but are still protected with password links to make sure it is an entitled person that is accessing/editing them. Setting passwords and permissions is an option for all Dropbox files. For those of you who wish to protect their data even more, the system provides an extra security layer such as an expiring link which makes access to files only temporary. At the same time, remember that the admin is in full control of the membership, setting the permissions, inspecting the connected devices, and auditing the sharing activities.


As a cloud solution that’s highly popular for personal use, implementation is a simple account creation. A guide on first steps is available through the Help Center.

As a result of deep partner integrations with companies like Adobe, Autodesk, DocuSign and Zoom, Dropbox has a robust set of integrations and capabilities that let users launch everyday business workflows such as file editing, send for eSignature, video annotation, and send electronic fax directly from Dropbox.

Customer Service & Support

Dropbox offers an extensive Support Center for getting started, giving permission to accounts, making payments, managing storage, and more.

Dropbox also offers user forums, a guided troubleshooting tool, and a useful business user guide for understanding the essentials.


Dropbox Plus is meant for the individual. Dropbox Business is meant for collaboration across a team of users, and offers three packages to choose from. Customers can choose to be billed monthly or yearly based on their needs.

Dropbox Business Standard:

  • $15/user per month if billed monthly
  • $12.50/user per month if billed yearly
  • Includes 3 TB of storage

Dropbox Business Advanced:

  • $25/user per month if billed monthly
  • $20/user per month if billed yearly
  • Includes as much storage space as needed

Dropbox Business Enterprise:

  • Please contact Dropbox directly for quote
  • Includes as much storage space as needed

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  1. Can I use Dropbox to share a file that I want converted to a different file extension and have it returned to me via dropbox. It will only be used between me and a friend who can do the extension conversion. If so what is the cheapest option for me as I will only be using infrequently as once it is converted then I will not be using dropbox unless I receive another file again. Can I include 3 files as long as I do not exceed the storage requirements?

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